5 Dec


… In the South Mountain along a road that goes from an ocean to a great lake not far from my parents’ home I walked […]

1 Dec

Untitled. 1983. Keith Haring.

… I moved to NYC in September of 1979 with the artist Patricia Kelly. My first job was at the Empire Diner, the evening shift […]

30 Nov


… I asked Sarah Sarai if I could record her when she read at KGB and she said yes. I enjoy her work including the […]

13 Nov


… I went to Hoboken two weeks ago to record Murat Nemet-Nejat reading from his new book, Animals of Dawn. It’s a great title, right? […]

2 Nov


… On October 8, 2016 in the late afternoon Alfred Corn read some poems at a celebration for his work at Poets House. The first […]

26 Oct


… On Saturday at Freddy’s Bar, which is a very nice bar by the way, I participated in a poetry reading that was a celebration […]

22 Oct


… “I don’t mean Sober Cooking in the 12 step way,” Lynn says. “It’s really about going through a hard time and staying focused on […]

18 Oct


… I read Knock by Janet Hamill in one sitting; it took me by surprise and I just went with it remembering my youth and […]

11 Oct


… Beautiful poems often praise repulsive things like Baudelaire’s rotting carcass. Lynn McGee’s poetry also makes the ugly beautiful. This partly has to do with […]

9 Oct


… Joel Colten (1950 – 1980) was a poet and photographer who lived in Philadelphia and Manhattan. From 1976 to 1980, he was also coeditor […]

11 Sep


… Scarlet Tanager is a favorite book of mine because it was the first book Bernadette Mayer published after her stroke, and as I read […]

10 Sep


… I was upstate over Labor Day visiting Philip Good and Bernadette Mayer at their beautiful home. It’s been freshly painted red and continues to […]