13 Aug

… Like all of human kind the rocks along The narrow beach are all somewhat alike Yet each entirely different. We Pick them up, Honey […]

11 Aug

… Lydia Cortés was a Nuyorican poet before there was a word for it. She and her peers defined and were the definition. Everyone has […]

3 Aug

… I went to Bryant Park to hear some poets read one evening last week and was happily surprised by a poet I didn’t know […]

28 Jul

… On Thursday evening I decided at the last minute to go see John Ashbery at the Public Library on 5th Avenue where the lions […]

28 Jul

… I sometimes think of Joel Allegretti as part Jersey boy and part Pop artist rolled into what he is, a poet. He came over […]

26 Jul

… Zack Haber is a poet who lives in Oakland. Over the summer he has been making his way across the USA. He stops at […]

25 Jul

… Simon Pettet came over to my place on the hottest day last week, one of those NY muggy days in the 90s, sweat in […]

17 Jul

… About a year ago Akram wrote something on a sticky note pad and stuck it by the door, the last thing he looked at […]

13 Jul

… I am going to include an entry from a journal I kept in Wuhan in 2006 about eating Smell Bad Tofu for the first […]

10 Jul

… Yesterday, Sunday, July 9, 2017 folks gathered at La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez at 9th Street and Avenue C in NYC to say […]

9 Jul

… My favorite poem by Rimbaud is innocent and sensual at the same time; and there are those—but not me—who would call it repulsive. It’s […]

30 Jun

… I was immediately drawn to Vincent Katz’s new book of poems, Southness, by the beauty of its cover, which comes from a painting by […]