17 Apr


… Here is my brother Scott and I. My mother gave me the photo, perhaps because I’m the oldest, but I don’t have any children […]

9 Apr

principle parts copy 2

… To the English Learner: If you want to learn English, begin with the verbs. That is where the action is. This is true with […]

7 Apr


… Written earlier in the year of his death, and rejected by Poetry, The Broken Tower was printed in the New Republic soon after his […]

5 Apr


… There is something about Eternity that has always played on my heart strings. It may be that I heard the poem first read by […]

28 Mar


… I am walking in the woods. I took some pictures of treetops and clouds. Still on the phone, I am not sure if any […]

25 Mar


… Well, here I am on top of the mountain. Ready to walk down the mountain. And then I will walk back up again. You […]

13 Mar


… Barbara Henning’s new book, A Day Like Today, is about a day among days, that one among many, meditative and observant. The cover is […]

7 Mar


… … Apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto. A few swimmers appear in a huge whirlpool. —Vergil … When sleep vanishes then you swim. Awake […]

5 Mar


… Went to Grand Street today to get a haircut ($5 + $2 tip = $7) at the Chinese barber. I saw the man who […]

29 Feb

IMG_2269 (1)

What a difference a day makes even at my father’s pond in the South Mountain, sunny one day, next day full of clouds. The beginning […]

29 Feb


… … I am so happy that I finally got around to recording Bob Rosenthal reading Morning Poems, poems he had written when he was […]

26 Feb

135 Poems

… The poet Bill Kushner always carried a notebook to write in when the spirit moved him, which was often and anywhere. Bill was a […]