Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bob Rosenthal reads from Cleaning Up New York

… Before Bob Rosenthal became Allen Ginsberg’s secretary in 1977, he was cleaning apartments in NYC and studying for an MA in writing with Francine de Plessix Gray, the writer and critic, whose class was focused on nonfiction, the new journalism and older journalism like […]

Cliff Fyman reads from Nylon Sunlight and Fever

… I went over to Cliff Fyman’s apartment last Monday in the early afternoon to record him reading from his chapbooks. Most chapbooks are beautiful to begin with and Cliff’s are no exception. To hold them in your hand is to feel the poet writing […]

Photographs by Rudy Burckhardt from the 1930s

… Rudy Burckhardt was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1914. While going to medical school in London, he discovered photography. He came to live in New York in 1935. “I really became a New Yorker rather than an American,” he later wrote. “There are so […]

Maged Zaher reads from The Consequences of my Body

… … A year or so ago, I saw Maged Zaher read at the Poetry Project on a Wednesday night. Because I taught classes Monday and Wednesday evenings, I missed most of the readings, though sometimes things worked out. He read from a little chapbook […]

Groggy Morning

… May 2, 2016 Groggy morning. Working on my own stuff and reading The Consequences of My Body by Maged Zaher, which I’m happy to say I’m enjoying. Finding the time to do things. You can get a lot done from a bed. Bedroom in […]