Monthly Archives: October 2016

Uncle, part of Fucking and Sonnet 149

… On Saturday at Freddy’s Bar, which is a very nice bar by the way, I participated in a poetry reading that was a celebration for a new book of poems by Kryssa Schemmerling, Iris In. The other guest poet was Lynn McGee. On the […]

Lynn McGee reads from Sober Cooking

… “I don’t mean Sober Cooking in the 12 step way,” Lynn says. “It’s really about going through a hard time and staying focused on the little tasks of life like cooking and chopping vegetables. Sober Cooking has a lot of love poems, loss, it’s […]

Janet Hamill reads from Knock

… I read Knock by Janet Hamill in one sitting; it took me by surprise and I just went with it remembering my youth and traveling when life spread out before me with decades ahead. I got in touch with Janet Hamill and asked if […]

Lynn McGee reads from Heirloom Bulldog

… Beautiful poems often praise repulsive things like Baudelaire’s rotting carcass. Lynn McGee’s poetry also makes the ugly beautiful. This partly has to do with her poetic sense of empathy. When she writes about the rat, we know the rat because we are that rat. […]

The Night Becomes Thick and Comfortable by Joel Colten and Randal Rupert: read by Peter Bushyeager

… Joel Colten (1950 – 1980) was a poet and photographer who lived in Philadelphia and Manhattan. From 1976 to 1980, he was also coeditor of the literary magazine Hot Water Review. During his brief career, Colten’s poetry appeared widely in U.S. and U.K. publications […]