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Sarah Sarai reads at KGB 11/28/16

I asked Sarah Sarai if I could record her when she read at KGB and she said yes. I enjoy her work including the latest book, Geographies of Soul and Taffeta, and wanted to help spread the word. In Geographies of Soul and Taffeta the common comes together with the ethereal, the real deal. “I heard a call before I heard a call,” Sarah tells us, poetess and prophetess. Sarah’s reading is a lot like her poems, self-deprecating and proud, and perhaps proud is not the right word; let us say certain; she is funny and serious, and gives us a delightfully religiously irreligious listen that lets us in on a secret: angels do exist, they are words, an earthly heaven, where intimate cozy quiet reliant epiphanies happen when you read or listen to them.

Geographies of Soul and Taffeta is published by Indolent Books. Check them out:


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