Monthly Archives: August 2017

Christine Stoddard reads Thirty Pounds in Three Months

… I heard Christine read Thirty Pounds in Three Months in May when I went uptown to Hudson Gardens for a reading of poets who had contributed to Transition: Poems in the Aftermath, which was their reactions in words about the November 2016 election. The […]

Zack Haber reads from Winning Office Politics Quickly

… A few years ago when he was passing through Brooklyn, Zack Haber found a book called Winning Office Politics at a sidewalk sale somewhere, and feeling inspired, bought it, and as he read, condensed it to its essential elements. This became a chapbook that […]

Sonnet 193: rocks and friends

… Like all of human kind the rocks along The narrow beach are all somewhat alike Yet each entirely different. We Pick them up, Honey and I, searching for The ones we want, the ones that touch us. They Are like us perhaps or is […]

Lydia Cortés reads from Whose Place

… Lydia Cortés was a Nuyorican poet before there was a word for it. She and her peers defined and were the definition. Everyone has a mother tongue. Often our mothers teach it to us, what we know of pride and shame, beautiful and ugly, […]

Kazumi Chin @ Bryant Park, July 25, 2017

… I went to Bryant Park to hear some poets read one evening last week and was happily surprised by a poet I didn’t know from San Francisco, Kazumi Chin, reading from his new book, Having A Coke With Godzilla, published by Sibling Rivalry Press. […]