Monthly Archives: August 2018

Seth Pennington reads from Tertulia

… Last week at the Bryant Park Reading Room, organized by the charming Paul Romero, I had the pleasure of hearing Seth Pennington read, someone I’d been corresponding with for over a year, but had never met. Seth and his husband, Bryan Borland, operate a […]

Ken Angel’s 43 Poems by Bill Kushner and Tom Savage

… I was visiting Ken Angel in his studio last week and on leaving he handed me—he is a gift-giver—an early printing of a book he did of some of the poetry collaborations that Bill Kushner and Tom Savage used to write together when they […]

Five Female Indian Poets

… One thing that’s been good about Facebook is that it has connected me with poets from other parts of the world. This is a very expansive endeavor that focuses finally on the clarity of a poem. Through poetry groups I am in, and partly […]

Bernadette Mayer reads some Bee Sonnets

… Last spring, before leaving upstate New York where I’d been living for awhile, I made a beeline for Bernadette Mayer’s house so that I could record her reading from a new chapbook she’d given me called the complete work of APIS MELLIFERA, which she […]