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Maggie Dubris reads from Weep Not, My Wanton ( Toilers of the Sea )

… Maggie and I had been planning to get together for a long time, but one thing or another kept getting in the way. Finally, last Saturday Maggie came over. The morning was pretty quiet, good for a reading; my next door neighbor’s daughter was […]


Jet Wimp reads The Drowning Place

… During January I was taking care of my father who is 91 and ailing, and about mid-month I wanted a little change, got up before dawn and drove Dad’s car through the still dark countryside hardly anyone yet around to Elizabethtown where they have […]

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John Godfrey at KGB 11/21/16

… I no longer teach on Monday nights so I can get to the KGB poetry readings whenever I want, and I was especially looking forward to hearing John Godfrey read. When host, Ali Power, introduced John saying he was the Buddha of the New […]


Bernadette Mayer reads from Works & Days

… “Here in beautiful aloneness forest” is where Bernadette lives in a house with a windowpane back porch looking out toward a stream (you must go down the hill to see it, but it is there) and a rectangular piece of woods (Poetry State Forest […]


Poems by Gil Ott 1977 – 78

… I knew Gil Ott when I lived in Philadelphia in the 1970s. He was hosting a poetry program on the radio at the University of Pennsylvania on Saturdays that featured both local and visiting poets. Philly had a vibrant even seminal poetry scene back […]


Sarah Sarai reads at KGB 11/28/16

… I asked Sarah Sarai if I could record her when she read at KGB and she said yes. I enjoy her work including the latest book, Geographies of Soul and Taffeta, and wanted to help spread the word. In Geographies of Soul and Taffeta […]


Murat Nemet-Nejat reads Animals of Dawn: To Be Or Not To Be

… I went to Hoboken two weeks ago to record Murat Nemet-Nejat reading from his new book, Animals of Dawn. It’s a great title, right? One sees things slowly appearing, dark becoming light, moving—Animals—Alive. Murat lives about a twenty minute walk from the PATH in […]


Alfred Corn reads at Poets House

… On October 8, 2016 in the late afternoon Alfred Corn read some poems at a celebration for his work at Poets House. The first poem Alfred reads here, The Bridge, Palm Sunday, 1973, I have added below. … … The Bridge, Palm Sunday, 1973 […]


Uncle, part of Fucking and Sonnet 149

… On Saturday at Freddy’s Bar, which is a very nice bar by the way, I participated in a poetry reading that was a celebration for a new book of poems by Kryssa Schemmerling, Iris In. The other guest poet was Lynn McGee. On the […]


Lynn McGee reads from Sober Cooking

… “I don’t mean Sober Cooking in the 12 step way,” Lynn says. “It’s really about going through a hard time and staying focused on the little tasks of life like cooking and chopping vegetables. Sober Cooking has a lot of love poems, loss, it’s […]


Janet Hamill reads from Knock

… I read Knock by Janet Hamill in one sitting; it took me by surprise and I just went with it remembering my youth and traveling when life spread out before me with decades ahead. I got in touch with Janet Hamill and asked if […]


Lynn McGee reads from Heirloom Bulldog

… Beautiful poems often praise repulsive things like Baudelaire’s rotting carcass. Lynn McGee’s poetry also makes the ugly beautiful. This partly has to do with her poetic sense of empathy. When she writes about the rat, we know the rat because we are that rat. […]