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Poems by Gil Ott 1977 – 78

… I knew Gil Ott when I lived in Philadelphia in the 1970s. He was hosting a poetry program on the radio at the University of Pennsylvania on Saturdays that featured both local and visiting poets. Philly had a vibrant even seminal poetry scene back […]

Front Cover Alex Katz

Rocky Ledge # 5

… Going through boxes and uncovering stuff. Here is Rocky Ledge #5 edited by Reed Bye and Anne Waldman in Boulder, Colorado summer of 1980. I am wary of scanning too much of this magazine because the scanning might damage the pages. I am told […]

front Hard Press


… Rochelle Kraut designed these postcards with the poems of poets roaming the East Village in the early 80s. There were plenty of them. Shelley will always have a special place in my heart because she gave me my first reading at the Poetry Project […]

Untitled, Paris, 1934

Photographs by Rudy Burckhardt from the 1930s

… Rudy Burckhardt was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1914. While going to medical school in London, he discovered photography. He came to live in New York in 1935. “I really became a New Yorker rather than an American,” he later wrote. “There are so […]

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Dorothy Friedman reads Bill Kushner from White Rabbit

… I saw Dorothy Friedman at the memorial reading for Bill Kushner at the Poetry Project in October, and she told me that she too would like to read some poems by Bill, so I asked her to come over to my place, and I […]

Cookie Mueller

Cookie Mueller writes British Columbia—1972

… This may sound apocryphal, but it’s true; I sat behind Cookie Mueller at Saint Mark’s Church while she wrote British Columbia—1972. I sometimes showed up early at a poetry reading because it’s a perfect place to sit and read or edit work; just about […]


Album de Animales Mexicanos por Gabriel Fernández Ledesma (1944)

… In the early 90s I went to Mexio to work on my novel, What Night Forgets, usually for the month of January. When I was in the city of Oaxaca, I was always looking for books of printed art by the Oaxacan artist, Francisco […]

39 copy copy

Fucking by Don Yorty, Barney, 1984

If it weren’t for Stephen Spera, I doubt I’d have gotten into Barney. I was very lax, and still am, about getting myself published. Stephen, on the other hand, was always looking for and aware of any opportunity. Here my words and his images do […]

Out To Lunch-Joe Brainard

Out To Lunch: Joe Brainard Cartoons, Little Caesar Magazine, 1978

… The style of Little Caesar fits these cartoons by Joe Brainard very well, the everyday printed quality of a newspaper, the comics of Little Nancy and Sluggo, the funnies, only in color on Sunday, but black and white the rest of the week. Click […]

Drunken Bee Poems

Drunken Bee Poems by Philip Good

… I first held Drunken Bee Poems in my hands in 1987 when Philip Good gave them to me, shortly after he moved to New York to live with Bernadette Mayer and her children a few blocks away on Avenue A and 4th Street, and […]

Corso in th Frame

Gregory Corso’s A Star

… Just got this gift this weekend. Years ago I brought the poet Gregory Corso to my friend Patricia Kelly who was always looking for ideas for art. For ten dollars Gregory wrote and signed a poem for Patricia that she would use later on […]

Marty Watt's Slices

Some thoughts about Marty Watt (among other things)

… Marty Watt was the first performance poet I ever saw. And I will be forever indebted. It was in Philadelphia where I had come to live again after several years of travel. I had returned to the States Easter 1974 and lived in a […]