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Suburban Eyes: New Jersey Landscapes by Ron Erickson

… Ron Erickson is a favorite artist of mine. I’ve enjoyed his work from the first time I set eyes on it. Last year, I was away and missed his show at Farleigh Dickinson University. He has been nice enough to send me images of […]

Geometric Forms by Akram

… I have been going through sketches Akram did for me when I was in Pennsylvania last year at this time taking care of my father who was dying. Akram would send them on his phone. Here are some of those sketches now to fill […]

Robert Rhodes: Dawn: Another winter storm arrives

… Yesterday morning, January 4, Robert Rhodes went to Buchanan Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to capture the blizzard that was beginning to cover the East Coast from Florida to Maine with freezing cold and snow, a wonderful recording of this rare event that makes me, […]

Happy New Year

… … … Repair. Prepare. Take care. Be there. … … … … … Drawings (Season’s Greetings) by Akram.

Fifteen Winter Paintings by Charles Burchfield

… I found a photo of Charles Burchfield working in and experiencing the snow. No gloves, no scarf, no ear muffs; he seems oblivious to the cold. Often when I’ve worked in the cold, I’m not cold, especially when cutting and piling firewood, but painting? […]

Joanne Wang: Calligraphic Nature

… I was talking to Joanne Wang the other day and mentioned how much I enjoyed seeing her show last year in October. “That was in August,” she informed me. I wondered about my memory, but I don’t think of her work at a certain […]

Fifteen Autumn Paintings by Charles Burchfield

… Perhaps some of these paintings are not of the autumn, but even if the end of summer or the beginning of winter—each suggests simply by its colors the metamorphic season, here arranged chronologically from 1915 – 1965. Enjoy. … … … … … … […]

Shipping Muse: Drawings by Neddi Heller: GAIA Gallery, November 2015

… Neddi Heller had a show in Brooklyn at the GAIA Gallery called Shipping Muse in November 2015, a show inspired by drawings she did down at the Brooklyn waterfront. She asked me if I would participate in a poetry reading she was organizing one […]

Oaxaca Masks

… The masks are from Oaxaca, Mexico. I collected them over the years. The song is Grito written by Alvaro Carillo and sung by Dueto Pinotepa, all from Oaxaca. … … I love Oaxaca. One day I would like some of my ashes spread there. […]

The Psychedelic Paintings of Ching Ho Cheng, 1970 – 1973

… I can’t imagine anyone not liking Ching Ho Cheng’s psychedelic paintings. They are exciting and capture the hallucinogenic times of the late 60s and the early 70s when vision was everything, and in your face, and now. Henry Geldzahler said that these paintings revealed […]

BERNADETTE MAYER’S MEMORY, A DISCUSSION @CANADA, 333 Broome Street, September 23, 2017

… I attended (and recorded) the panel discussion of Bernadette Mayer’s Memory, a work of art she did in July 1971 that included shooting a roll of film everyday and writing everyday as well recording what was going on around her. She worked like crazy […]

Robert Rhodes: Night Diary: Nocturnal Paintings

… I have some happy news. On October 2, new paintings by Robert Rhodes will be featured at Radiance, 9 West Grant Street, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are night paintings and will be up for the autumn including fourteen oils on wood with more added […]