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Peter Cherches reads from Autobiography Without Words

… Pelekinesis has just published a new collection of short stories by Peter Cherches called Autobiography Without Words, which is a title I really like by the way. Peter reads several of these stories in the Vimeo below. I heard him read at Dixon Place […]


Bernadette Mayer reads from Scarlet Tanager

… Scarlet Tanager is a favorite book of mine because it was the first book Bernadette Mayer published after her stroke, and as I read it I knew that she could still write a poem. I went upstate to visit her a little while ago […]


Elaine Equi reads from Sentences and Rain

… Elaine Equi and her husband Jerome Sala came over to my place last week to record some of their poetry. I’d enjoyed hearing Elaine read from her latest book, Sentences and Rain, and was interested to hear that she loves to read while it […]


Jerome Sala reads from The Cheapskates and Spaz Attack

… On this past warm Thursday morning, Jerome Sala and his wife Elaine Equi came over to my place, wading through the heat, to read some poetry. I happened to have Jerome’s first book, Spaz Attack, published in Chicago—Elaine and Jerome’s hometown— by Stare Press […]

old news

Ryan Eckes reads Old News accompanied by Daniel Yorty

… Several years ago my nephew Daniel gave me a CD of the Philadelphia poet Ryan Eckes reading from his first book, Old News, with Daniel accompanying on drums, tambourine, and shakers. The poems are of a piece and tell a story. The poet and […]

front cover

Edwin Denby reads from Snoring in New York

… Snoring in New York was published by Angel Hair in 1974 with a beautiful photo by Rudy Burckhardt on both the front and back covers, dark leaves, white moth. From 1976 until Edwin’s death in 1983, Rudy Burckhardt’s son Jacob recorded Edwin reading his […]


Tom Savage reads his Bamiyan Buddha Poems

… I went over to Tom’s apartment on East 11th Street a few weeks ago— it’s just around the corner from where I am—and he read some of his Bamiyan Buddha poems from two of his books, Afghanistan (Fly by Night Press, 2014) and Brainlifts […]

Eel on Reef

Uche Nduka reads from Eel on Reef and Nine East

… Uche Nduka, a native Nigerian and now a native New Yorker, was kind enough to come over to my place a few weeks ago to read from his two books of poems, Eel on Reef and Nine East. “Fool yourselves into wisdom,” Uche says, […]

What all the songs add up to

Greg Masters reads from What All the Songs Add Up To

… I saw that Greg Masters was going to be having a book party for his new book, What All the Songs Add Up To, written from the 1970s to the present, some forty years of poems. What a great title for a book of […]


Paolo Javier reads Starfish Aorta Colossus from Court of the Dragon and a poem by Frank Lima

… Last week on a sunny afternoon Paolo Javier came over to my place after work—he teaches English at a public high school—because I’d asked to record him reading from his new book, Court of the Dragon, published in 2016 by Nightboat Books, a publisher […]


Bob Rosenthal reads from Cleaning Up New York

… Before Bob Rosenthal became Allen Ginsberg’s secretary in 1977, he was cleaning apartments in NYC and studying for an MA in writing with Francine de Plessix Gray, the writer and critic, whose class was focused on nonfiction, the new journalism and older journalism like […]

Nylon Sunlight

Cliff Fyman reads from Nylon Sunlight and Fever

… I went over to Cliff Fyman’s apartment last Monday in the early afternoon to record him reading from his chapbooks. Most chapbooks are beautiful to begin with and Cliff’s are no exception. To hold them in your hand is to feel the poet writing […]