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Lamont Steptoe reads from Crowns and Halos

… I knew that Lamont Steptoe had had a book published through a PEW Fellowship, Crowns and Halos, and I wanted to document him reading from it. My archive of Philadelphia poets would never be complete without the addition of this poet, who lives in […]

Jim Cory reads from 25 Short Poems

… Quem recitas meus est, o Fidentine, libellus: …sed male cum recitas, incipit esse tuus. Fidentius, when you recite my little book …badly, it becomes yours. ………—Martial … I went down to Philly to record Jim Cory in his lofty apartment in Center City full […]

Uncle Sharif’s Life in Music by Kazim Ali

… Allen Ginsberg told me once that if you want to know what a book is about, simply open it at the middle and look down. I didn’t do this with Kazim Ali’s new book, Uncle Sharif’s Life in Music, until I’d finished reading it. […]

Cole Swensen reads from On Walking On

… I like to walk, and I like to think as I walk, and I have read and even written as I’ve walked, though I usually stop when I start to write. Walking, even without the writing, has its stops, and its turns, its being […]

Thomas Devaney reads from Runaway Goat Cart

… Poetry in Philadelphia was a seminal experience for me. I found the Waste Land in a used bookstore on Locust Street in my teens; I read Walt Whitman there in my early twenties, and returned to the city in the mid-70s to become part […]


… … I caught Kaveh Akbar reading in Bryant Park last summer at an event for Sibling Rivalry Press and was enjoying the reading so much I took out my iPhone and recorded the last poem. I’d recorded him before at the Poetry Project, but […]

Philip F. Clark reads from The Carnival of Affection

… Once I was very sick with pneumonia, had the temperature of 105 for several days, and my brain was as burnt as eggs fried in a pan, but as I lay there in a rank sweaty fever expecting death what I felt most was […]

Basil King reads from History Now

… I visited Basil and Martha King at their home in Park Slope where they moved in the late 1960s when the house had little value surrounded by desolation and the turf wars of the drug trade. Their backyard has a Buddha in it now […]

Julene Tripp Weaver reads from truth be bold and Case Walking

… Akira Kurosawa said that the artist never looks away, never averts her eyes, and if that is the true definition of an artist then Julene Tripp Weaver is certainly one to be thought about and read. Julene and I met on Facebook and became […]

Zack Haber reads from Winning Office Politics Quickly

… A few years ago when he was passing through Brooklyn, Zack Haber found a book called Winning Office Politics at a sidewalk sale somewhere, and feeling inspired, bought it, and as he read, condensed it to its essential elements. This became a chapbook that […]

Lydia Cortés reads from Whose Place

… Lydia Cortés was a Nuyorican poet before there was a word for it. She and her peers defined and were the definition. Everyone has a mother tongue. Often our mothers teach it to us, what we know of pride and shame, beautiful and ugly, […]

Kazumi Chin @ Bryant Park, July 25, 2017

… I went to Bryant Park to hear some poets read one evening last week and was happily surprised by a poet I didn’t know from San Francisco, Kazumi Chin, reading from his new book, Having A Coke With Godzilla, published by Sibling Rivalry Press. […]