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H. Melt reads On My Way to Liberation

… A liberated writer liberates the reader. So, reader, get ready. I heard H. Melt read at the Bryant Park Reading Room series in NYC on July 31. A new poet for me, I learned that they are both writer and editor of Subject to […]

Seth Pennington reads from Tertulia

… Last week at the Bryant Park Reading Room, organized by the charming Paul Romero, I had the pleasure of hearing Seth Pennington read, someone I’d been corresponding with for over a year, but had never met. Seth and his husband, Bryan Borland, operate a […]

Ken Angel’s 43 Poems by Bill Kushner and Tom Savage

… I was visiting Ken Angel in his studio last week and on leaving he handed me—he is a gift-giver—an early printing of a book he did of some of the poetry collaborations that Bill Kushner and Tom Savage used to write together when they […]

Bernadette Mayer reads some Bee Sonnets

… Last spring, before leaving upstate New York where I’d been living for awhile, I made a beeline for Bernadette Mayer’s house so that I could record her reading from a new chapbook she’d given me called the complete work of APIS MELLIFERA, which she […]

Brendan Lorber reads from If This Is Paradise Why Are We Still Driving?

… “Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight?” Christopher Marlowe asked us in iambic pentameter a few years back, and I thought of that as I began to read If This Is Paradise Why Are We Still Driving? because I fell in love […]

Anne Waldman reads from Trickster Feminism

… I met up with Anne Waldman on a Friday last April at her house in the West Village to record her reading from First Baby Poems, a favorite book of mine. Anne had just come from Penguin Books where she’d been preparing for the […]

Thomas March reads from Aftermath

… There is the expression “new wine in old bottles,” the container from the past, but what you drink and enjoy very much the present, what things are like today. I thought of that listening to Thomas March read from his new book, Aftermath, at […]

John Deming reads from HEADLINE NEWS

… I enjoyed HEADLINE NEWS the moment I opened it, a great find—actually it was given to me so I should say a great gift—an instantaneous read full of surprises and fun, each poem with a real headline, a fact, something concrete the poet can […]

Sarah Rose Nordgren reads from Darwin’s Mother

… Mid-April at KGB I heard Sarah Rose Nordgren read from her new book, Darwin’s Mother, wonderful poems of structure and sound that are not always comfortable to listen to because something is alive and waiting on the page, words that try their hardest to […]

Kimberly Lyons reads from Capella

… Kimberly Lyons was in NYC visiting for a week, and I heard she would be at the Zinc Bar reading from her new book, Capella. I’ve enjoyed Kim’s poetry and prose over the years, and was really looking forward to her reading. In fact, […]

Danielle Pafunda reads from The Dead Girls Speak in Unison

… I went to the poetry reading at KGB on Monday night, April 9—Susan Lewis and Danielle Pafunda were reading—and the place was packed. KGB is a jewel of a place so they had to get more chairs. Luckily, I had gotten there a little […]

Susan Lewis reads from Zoom

… Susan Lewis read with Danielle Pafunda at the Zinc Bar on Monday night, April 9. The place was packed; they even had to get more chairs, but I’d gotten there early to position myself at the bar where I could steady my iPhone with […]