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Making Mom’s Sauerkraut

… … … My Mother’s Sauerkraut Recipe: … All you need to make sauerkraut is a cabbage, some sea salt, a canning jar and boiling water. … First slice the cabbage into thin slices.
 … Stuff the cabbage into a canning jar as tightly as […]


In my words, August 19 – 25

… Years ago when I was flush, I bought a bunch of passes to the Russian Baths on 10th Street. Cleaning through drawers, I found the card with one pass left. It’s been over seven years, but believe it or not, the pass is still […]


Presidents’ Day

… South Mountain, PA I didn’t get enough sleep last night settling into bed with a book I’d bought my father, The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers, a history about the sex lives of Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton, all of them […]


Home Movies: Roll with the Punches (Christmas at Rockefeller Center)

… December 4th on our first anniversary, Akram and I went to see Harry Potter at the Ziegfield, but got there late. I could’ve sworn it said 3:15 on the Internet. Instead of getting upset, we took a walk to see the Christmas tree at […]


Home Movies: Noodles

… This trip to Wuhan I managed to eat some very good meals when in the company of my colleague, the indefatigable searcher for the real thing, Luke Amoroso. Luke knows where all the good food is. We had some excellent street food in Beijing […]