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The Quiet Pond

The Quiet Pond

… The quiet pond wrote a V when the water spider skidded forth, a V here, V there, the same V that geese make flying south. When a swallow swooped for a quick nip or a bass rose with its wide mouth, an O spread […]

Cookie Mueller

Cookie Mueller writes British Columbia—1972

… This may sound apocryphal, but it’s true; I sat behind Cookie Mueller at Saint Mark’s Church while she wrote British Columbia—1972. I sometimes showed up early at a poetry reading because it’s a perfect place to sit and read or edit work; just about […]


Tom Sleigh reads from Station Zed

… February 17, on a writing assignment for the Bryant Park Poetry Series, I went to the Kinokuniya Bookstore at 1073 Avenue of the Americas to hear Tom Sleigh read from his new book, Station Zed, poems and prose about his experience traveling as a […]


Rain: NYC, December 9, 2014

… It’s raining, it’s pouring. Mayor de Blasio must be happy it isn’t as cold as yesterday because then there would be one heck of a blizzard with everyone complaining it wasn’t being plowed fast enough. On the M9 coming home, the windows were so […]


Early November at My Father’s Pond

… I grew up on the property where this pond is now. The pond didn’t used to be there. It was a swamp of springs that produced one mighty stream. My father in the early 70s bulldozed the swamp and made a dam, a beautiful […]

A reflection: water lilies in the branches

A Good Day in October

… Here it is Sunday already. I am posting some photos from Friday. We left early enough, Akram and I, so that even though I forgot my MOMA membership card, there was time to go back and still have breakfast before we went to see […]

pond reflections

September in the South Mountain

… Here hopefully are some pictures that are worth a thousand words, anyway a walk in the woods, a stop by the pond, reflections for awhile of the passing clouds. … … … … … … … … … …


Guatemala Notebooks

… Guatemala Notebooks or Trying to Understand Something for Pat who asked me when he left to keep this journal in his stead The same symbols keep repeating themselves. … December 9, 1990— I got you into the cab by ten and you were off […]

French garden, summer

In my words, December 9 – 15

… Take a walk. There is nothing better. Go at your own speed and stop to look at whatever you want. Take a notebook along to jot down your thoughts. Something comes, or better yet you will come to something. Meander with a friend and […]


In my words, October 7 – 13

… On Tuesday afternoon I met Françoise on Rector Street at the R train’s downtown entrance because I wanted her to see the 9/11 Memorial before she returned to France. My friend lived, worked and wrote a novel in the East Village during the 80s […]

Crane and Pine with Rising Sun

In my words, January 7 – 13

This morning things return to normal; break is over: time to teach. It’s early now; well not so early, a little after seven. I just woke Akram up with a cup of coffee, black with sugar, which he’s drinking leaning back into the pillows looking […]

Me by Stephen Spera

From Notebooks Kept, 1973 – 1974

… on leaving The weary earth, the weary sky each weary creature will stop what they do to watch me return, kiss you, embrace holding your face, heart like a bowl ready to be filled ready to fill. … on painting “Painting isn’t filling in […]