17 Mar


… Maggie and I had been planning to get together for a long time, but one thing or another kept getting in the way. Finally, […]

12 Mar


… Pelekinesis has just published a new collection of short stories by Peter Cherches called Autobiography Without Words, which is a title I really like […]

26 Feb


This postcard was a gift from Bill Kushner to me. George Schneeman had sent it to Bill in 2002 from Siena, Italy where he and […]

16 Feb


… During January I was taking care of my father who is 91 and ailing, and about mid-month I wanted a little change, got up […]

11 Feb

Untitled 2

… … on leaving The weary earth, the weary sky each weary creature will stop what they do to watch me return, kiss you, embrace […]

4 Feb


… On the way home from the gym I stopped in Tompkins Square to look over some writing—it was cold—and heard a commotion coming—School kids […]

31 Jan

sun & bran & cloud

… January 16 Yesterday I really thought Dad was dying. He wasn’t comfortable. If he was sitting, he wanted to go to bed; if he […]

31 Jan

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 11.38.16 AM

… I no longer teach on Monday nights so I can get to the KGB poetry readings whenever I want, and I was especially looking […]

30 Jan


An afternoon to evening walk. January 12. Sunset. South Mountain. January 13 When it started to snow a few days ago, it seemed to me […]

30 Jan


January 1, 2017 The first day begins to end. If you are Pennsylvania Dutch and it’s New Year’s Day, you eat mashed potatoes, pork and […]

19 Jan


… Line designs and geometric animals. When Akram is waiting, he often draws. Some of the drawings he’s done from January 13 to the 19, […]

14 Jan


… for Janis A bedroom. North Philadelphia. 1972 Ouvrez-moi cette porte où je frappe en pleurant. Open this door where I knock weeping. … I […]