14 May

… The recipe: … … I pickle jalapeños with some carrots and celery. It’s called escabeche. I boil them in vinegar and water for about […]

13 May

… There is the expression “new wine in old bottles,” the container from the past, but what you drink and enjoy very much the present, […]

12 May

… I enjoyed HEADLINE NEWS the moment I opened it, a great find—actually it was given to me so I should say a great gift—an […]

5 May

… Mid-April at KGB I heard Sarah Rose Nordgren read from her new book, Darwin’s Mother, wonderful poems of structure and sound that are not […]

1 May

… From a Caedmon recording Dylan Thomas reads Fern Hill, his poem of green and golden childhood. Enjoy. … … … …Fern Hill … … […]

30 Apr

… On Sunday, April 29, I was featured at the Zinc Bar with two other poets, Ed Friedman and Eleanor Nauen. I woke too early […]

30 Apr

… Constantly organizing and reorganizing, getting and throwing things out, deciding what is valuable and what is not, trying to get to the essential, which […]

25 Apr

… After a year long slow decline, my father died on April 10 at the age 91. At his funeral on June 3, my sister […]

25 Apr

… Yesterday I went to work on my sonnets and they looked horrible; changes I had made the day before that I thought then would […]

17 Apr

… Kimberly Lyons was in NYC visiting for a week, and I heard she would be at the Zinc Bar reading from her new book, […]

12 Apr

… I went to the poetry reading at KGB on Monday night, April 9—Susan Lewis and Danielle Pafunda were reading—and the place was packed. KGB […]

12 Apr

… Susan Lewis read with Danielle Pafunda at the Zinc Bar on Monday night, April 9. The place was packed; they even had to get […]