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Three NYC Postcards by Patricia Kelly, 1980

… Patricia Kelly and I moved from Philadelphia to Manhattan in August 1979. We stayed with our friend Marcia in a huge space she shared with several others near Houston and the Bowery. Marcia, at the time a lunchtime waitress, had a hard time waking […]

Gregory Corso’s A Star

… Just got this gift this weekend. Years ago I brought the poet Gregory Corso to my friend Patricia Kelly who was always looking for ideas for art. For ten dollars Gregory wrote and signed a poem for Patricia that she would use later on […]

In my words, May 20 – 26

… I tell my students I’m not religious freeing myself from taking sides in any discussions that might come up although they never do: English is what’s important, similarity not difference. My students are mostly Christians from South America, Muslims from Africa, and the Chinese […]