Monthly Archives: April 2022

A Reading for Black Square Editions: Anselm Berrigan, Marcella Durand, and Barry Schwabsky

Weeks before it happened, I had heard about the Black Square Editions book party that was scheduled to take place at the signs and symbols art gallery at 249 East Houston. As the day approached, I looked forward to it as a sign that the […]

Matt Proctor reads from Single Room Occupancy

  If you want to give words to every moment, every thought and sight worth jotting down, you need a notebook though any scrap of paper will do. Bill Kushner was a poet I remember fondly who always had a notebook to write in. Matt […]

Lonely Christopher reads at the Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

I’m in awe of many poets, and with that being said, I have to say I’m especially in awe of Lonely Christopher. “How does he have the time to do everything he does?” Writer, curator, critic, publisher, editor and director, husband too, and he has […]

Greg Masters reads from The Complete Thoughts of Greg Masters

  I like narrative poetry so I always look forward to a new book by Greg Masters. The Complete Thoughts of Greg Masters is full of stories the poet often recalls from his own life; and it could be something that happened yesterday, or when […]

Ted Rees reads from Dog Day Economy

  On March 26, I attended a reading in Philly at Vox Populi on North 11th Street, featuring Jena Osman, Ted Rees, and Samuel Delany that was hosted by Lonely Christopher for the Segue Reading Series. It was great. Samuel Delany, who was last, and […]

Celebrating The Life of a Kalamata

At KGB, a few weeks ago, I attended a reading for Didi Champagne’s new book, The Life of a Kalamata. Dorothy Friedman, Jeff Wright, Linda Kleinbub, and Patricia Carragon each read a poem before Didi took the stage. Didi’s talents are generous and multi-faceted; most […]