Monthly Archives: August 2022

John McCullough reads from Panic Response

  English is an old ocean whose waves have been crashing for centuries against our ears, and I can feel the breadth and breath and depth of it when I read  Panic Response, a book I liked enough to read again. A poem’s meant to […]

Drawings 2022 by Arup Datta

I hadn’t looked at the drawings of Arup Datta for a while so I was pleased to see that this charming artist from Kolkata has been busy. Here are seventeen of his drawings from the beginning of the year until now. Enjoy.   the lake […]

Photos by Sujay Sarkar

  Sujay Sarkar is a student activist in Bangladesh. He is an organizer of the Bangladesh Students Union. He also edits a magazine called “Ishqul.” Sometimes he enjoys taking pictures and painting. There are fifteen of his most recent photographs below. Click on any photo […]

Before and After, The Metamorphosis of a Poet: Linda Kleinbub reads from Cover Charge

  Some paths leading to the craft of poetry are certainly paved with serendipity. Take for example, Linda Kleinbub, who, in a round about way, came to poetry by going on a reality TV show called Ten Years Younger. Married with two children, Linda went […]