Monthly Archives: September 2022

Scott Hightower reads three poems from his upcoming Sutra

  “One of the marvels of the world is the sight of a soul in prison holding the keys in its hand.” Rumi The poet Scott Hightower learned that Life goes on after his partner of forty-one years suddenly died of a heart attack in […]

Jaime Manrique reads from Tarzan My Body Christopher Columbus

  I began reading Jaime Manrique’s Tarzan My Body Christopher Columbus over the summer, but because of some eye trouble, my watery itching eyes made it difficult to read. I persevered, however, because the poems valen la pena. As the title suggests, Tarzan My Body […]

The Swan by Charles Baudelaire and The Goose by Daisy Fried

During the pandemic, the poet Daisy Fried was living in Philadelphia with her husband who was dying of a debilitating disease. Without much help from the outside, during breaks from the caring, Daisy began to read and translate Charles Baudelaire, a poet she had never […]

The Prologue in Bangla

After a very long period of writer’s block in 1973, I wrote a series of poems that I called the prologue. I was twenty-four. When the Bangladeshi  writer and social activist, Mir Rabi, asked if he could put a translation of the prologue on his […]