Monthly Archives: January 2023

William Considine reads from Continent of Fire

When I began to read William Considine’s new book, Continent of Fire, I was immediately drawn to a poem early on called “Library and Book Sale.” It made me want to read more. It is about falling in love with books, discovering that all you […]

The irrepressible Kristine Byrne

I met Kristine Byrne years ago on Facebook. When she was in New York, she visited Akram and me in our apartment, and we had a good time talking and eating some Mexican takeout. She lives in Ireland, has a wonderful garden, is an artist, […]

Amy Barone reads from Defying Extinction

Travel, a trip somewhere new, or a return to a land you love, always restores body and soul. Poetry, like travel, can do that too. In fact, I was recently inspired reading Defying Extinction, a new book of poems by Amy Barone, while I was […]

Milkweed Sonnets

Among my sonnets are eight that are about milkweed; I include them below for you to read whenever you have the time. Hope you enjoy.   86 As I put my nose in milkweed blossoms their resemblance to lilacs remindingme now of the cold early […]