Monthly Archives: April 2018

Don Yorty reads from Fucking (Poet Laundromat)

… On Sunday, April 29, I was featured at the Zinc Bar with two other poets, Ed Friedman and Eleanor Nauen. I woke too early and was tired and talked too much between poems a little incoherently. But the crowd seemed to like Fucking, the […]

April thoughts

… Constantly organizing and reorganizing, getting and throwing things out, deciding what is valuable and what is not, trying to get to the essential, which is where the clarity is, the current, the flow, the where we are, not where we want to be. Too […]


… After a year long slow decline, my father died on April 10 at the age 91. At his funeral on June 3, my sister Cathy and I spoke on behalf of our family to thank those who had come to say goodbye. Seeing so […]

Damn, April 25

… Yesterday I went to work on my sonnets and they looked horrible; changes I had made the day before that I thought then would complete everything were not as good as they’d looked; in fact, they were awful, and had been better before the […]

Kimberly Lyons reads from Capella

… Kimberly Lyons was in NYC visiting for a week, and I heard she would be at the Zinc Bar reading from her new book, Capella. I’ve enjoyed Kim’s poetry and prose over the years, and was really looking forward to her reading. In fact, […]

Danielle Pafunda reads from The Dead Girls Speak in Unison

… I went to the poetry reading at KGB on Monday night, April 9—Susan Lewis and Danielle Pafunda were reading—and the place was packed. KGB is a jewel of a place so they had to get more chairs. Luckily, I had gotten there a little […]

Susan Lewis reads from Zoom

… Susan Lewis read with Danielle Pafunda at the Zinc Bar on Monday night, April 9. The place was packed; they even had to get more chairs, but I’d gotten there early to position myself at the bar where I could steady my iPhone with […]

Anne Waldman reads from First Baby Poems

… I came across First Baby Poems by Anne Waldman on my bookshelf not long ago and opened it to find an old Amtrak train ticket from the early 1980s—bookmarking the page with the poem, Sonne. I remember the first time I heard First Baby […]

Readings from the Dia Anthology

… … Readings in Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology, edited by Vincent Katz, published by Dia Art Foundation last August, is a work of poetry, and a work of art too. If you believe words not only say what they mean, but affect us on the […]

Tony Towle: The New York Clouds for Larry Rivers & April 24th

… I want to start featuring more of Ken Angel’s work, and I can’t think of a better way to start than with two poems by Tony Towle that Kenny has put together. I’ve actually envied very little in my life, but I have envied […]