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Mitch Corber reads from Weather’s Feather

Mitch Corber has lived not only as a poet, performing artist and musician, but as a video documentarian of what has gone down on the Lower East Side among the poets and artists who’ve lived here for over 40 years. Mitch’s eagle eye, his stubborn refusal to quit and his poetic ear have allowed him to lens a historic poetics videography for our times and beyond. His weekly NYC public access cable show, Poetry Thin Air, is now in its 30th year, and its archives boast notables Ginsberg, Corso, di Prima, Micheline, Whalen, Cage, Ashbery, Steve Cannon, Eileen Myles, and Bob Holman among countless others. The list goes on including myself. In the Vimeo below, Mitch reads some poems from Weather’s Feather. The lyricism found in his book flows unabashedly from the poet himself who has been influenced not only by singer-songwriters of rock and roll, but by the poets and artists he’s been around and the sonorous exuberance of some of his favorites like Dylan Thomas and Hart Crane. Corber’s voluptuous turns of image and sound can delight and work like a charm. Enjoy.

Weather’s Feather is published by Fly By Night Press. You can check them out here:


Mitch Corber

with Sylvia Scaglione

Here is a tribute in cinema to Mitch put together by his friends in celebration of his 70th birthday last May:

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