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Going Back to Work Again

In 1970 I was living in East Lansing, Michigan where some friends were attending MSU. I started to read my poetry at the Aardvark Coffee House. Even in the beginning I was more of a performer than a reader. I’d film the audience with a […]

Wild Rose

… I believe the flowers in the photos above (I took them this morning in Tompkins Square on my way to class) are wild roses. They look very similar to what we called wild roses in the South Mountain in Pennsylvania where I grew up. […]

Sweet Little Angel: Wuhan, China: July 9 and 10, 2008

July 9th July 9th I’m sitting in my hotel room in Wuhan; it’s about six-thirty in the morning. I got up at four, made some coffee and played guitar on the terrace, overlooking the campus and part of East Lake. I bought an acoustic guitar […]

First Take: I sing a song

… I discovered my favorite American artist, Charles Burchfield, at the age of 16 while I was reading a Time Magazine in the library at Cornwall High where I used to have to wait for the bus to take me home because I lived way […]