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Oatmeal Gravy

… At the moment the kitchen is not well-stocked. Among many missing items, there is no flour. I wanted to roast a chicken and make gravy with the drippings. People said, “Why don’t you just go to the store and get some flour?” But what’s […]

The Note by the Door

… About a year ago Akram wrote something on a sticky note pad and stuck it by the door, the last thing he looked at before he went out. He was working at a clinic at the time and left every morning. It was written […]

Some Thoughts about Despair and Doubt, April 25th

Yesterday I went to work on my sonnets and they looked horrible; changes I had made the day before that I thought then would complete everything were not as good as they’d looked; in fact, they were awful, and had been better before the changes. […]

February 3

… On the way home from the gym I stopped in Tompkins Square to look over some writing—it was cold—and heard a commotion coming—School kids marching down 7th Street and around the park on Avenue C up 10th back over A. I followed them at […]

January 16 – 31

… January 16 Yesterday I really thought Dad was dying. He wasn’t comfortable. If he was sitting, he wanted to go to bed; if he was in bed, he wanted to get up again. He’d sit on the edge of the bed for a long […]

January 11 – 15

An afternoon to evening walk. January 12. Sunset. South Mountain. January 13 When it started to snow a few days ago, it seemed to me that the snow had finally brought the birds to the bird feeder. For many days it was cold and there […]

January Notes: 1 – 10

January 1, 2017 The first day begins to end. If you are Pennsylvania Dutch and it’s New Year’s Day, you eat mashed potatoes, pork and sauerkraut. Here it is 2017 and Dad has made it to another year. Two weeks ago not too many were […]

December 30 & 31: Taking a Walk in the Woods

… December 30, 2016 I’m going to take a walk although it’s cold. Have soothed my dry itching skin with Crisco and off I go. Can you see by the ripples on the pond where it isn’t frozen that the wind is visible? South Mountain. […]

December 23rd

… Dad gets his antibiotic at 6 a.m. and midnight; he has some sort of pneumonia; there’s been no fever and the coughing has stopped, but still he gets more antibiotics until Monday midnight. I gave him the pill at 11:30 and got him to […]

December 18th at Midnight

… My father’s high school portrait (he went off to war shortly after it was taken) and his grandparent’s wedding portrait all very dusty on the mantle; the glass fruit was my mother’s. My great grandfather looks like my uncle George and my great grandmother […]

New Year 1980: Remembering AIDS

… I moved to NYC in September of 1979 with the artist Patricia Kelly. My first job was at the Empire Diner, the evening shift as a sous chef and I got off at eleven. The cook who worked the night shift asked me if […]

Summer Thoughts & Photos

… … July 22 Shall I go for a swim? A frog begins to croak, “Jump in!” … … … July 15 Queen Anne’s Lace although a common simple flower is very difficult to capture. … … July 24, Tompkins Square A sprig of leaves […]