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Some thoughts about Marty Watt (among other things)

… Marty Watt was the first performance poet I ever saw. And I will be forever indebted. It was in Philadelphia where I had come to live again after several years of travel. I had returned to the States Easter 1974 and lived in a […]

Some Thoughts, July 13 – 19

… Afternoon Wind by Charles Burchfield (1951). … … Fireflies Like smoldering tips of sticks or coals they glow in the grass. Light over all begins to go. Night like a swooping bat comes down the clouds and the white pine Out of the sky […]

Roberto Montes reads from I Don’t Know Do You

… On Friday night at the Bureau of General Services—Queer Division at 83A Hester Street (a great bookstore by the way), I saw Roberto Montes read from his new book of poems, I Don’t Know Do You, published by Ampersand Press. Anyone listening to Roberto […]

Five American Poets: Stevens, Swenson, Rukeyser, Jarrell, and Lowell

… Wallace Stevens (1979 – 1955) The Idea of Order at Key West She sang beyond the genius of the sea. The water never formed to mind or voice, Like a body wholly body, fluttering Its empty sleeves; and yet its mimic motion Made constant […]

In my words, October 14 – 20

… I’ve been putting some chapbooks together, Sonnets 1 – 60. Working on the books myself and printing them out is helpful for the final editing whenever that may be. Just thinking of the poems in the hands of others helps me to see them […]

Tennessee Williams reads Hart Crane: Voyages III and V, The Broken Tower, The Hurricane, and Eternity

… Voyages III Infinite consanguinity it bears This tendered theme of you that light Retrieves from sea plains where the sky Resigns a breast that every wave enthrones; While ribboned water lanes I wind Are laved and scattered with no stroke Wide from your side, […]

In my words, July 15 – 21

… I recently came across a poem by Baudelaire I’d translated in my thirties; it had been lying on a shelf in the dark between closed pages all but forgotten, then there it was, and seemed to fit the weather, the unrelenting heat. Baudelaire liked […]

In my words, April 29 – May 5

… My mother used to have a plaque on the wall; I think it was made of wrought iron, painted black with white and red lettering if I remember correctly that said: ……Make new friends. ……Keep the old. ……One is silver. ……The other gold. For […]

Tennessee Williams reads Hart Crane, poems from The Bridge

… The Bridge, it’s said, was Hart Crane’s reaction to T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, which he admired very much, but Crane wanted to write about a much happier, and more American, landscape. For awhile he was in love with a sailor whose father had […]

Three Lovely Poems with Rotting Carcasses in Them: Baudelaire, Eberhart & Yorty

… Charles Baudelaire wrote Une Charogne to his lover, Jeanne Duval, a Haitian actress, who met him when she left Haiti for France in 1842. Whether she died sooner or lived longer than the poet is in dispute, though both would succumb to syphilis. She […]

5 Poems by Robert Frost

The Tuft of Flowers “Iamb the Iamb,” Robert Frost said. As strictly as The Tuft of Flowers sticks to form (iambic pentameter couplets here), in the reading Frost changes words: the instead of a in a reedy brook and it really sounds like he says […]

Fucking IV: I go into the forest

… I go into the forest alone and hidden in the ever-breathing to dig an indenture with my fingers and undressing kneeling down pierce the dead leaves to move among the earthworms balled in the mouths of corpses out of which all things come growing […]