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Eden writes a poem after Alice Notley (a beautiful thought)

… Eden is my youngest student. She is 15 and still in high school. Like many 15 year olds, Eden is a joy: every moment is something new. After reading a poem by Alice Notley called UNTITLED about her youngest son, Edmund My little boy’s […]

My Heart by Nicolas

A poem in English written by someone whose first language isn’t English is often very beautiful, other skin over its bones. Like many of my students in China, Nicolas is a scientist. My Heart My heart is a fragile vessel Love is a seed Soil […]

On Passion by Richard He

… This little poem with the fewest words possible says it all. … You see it raining and rushing Like beasts, and roaring You tremble at it and pray It keeps on pouring. … …

Shadows On The Rocks

… Whether we want to admit it or not we are only shadows on the rocks. “Yes,” says the cricket. “Yes,” says the mouse. “You are only shadows on the rocks.” “No,” says the blossom wanting to come out. “No,” says the shadow on the […]