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At the Duchamp Exhibit

… I don’t want to only come look at what’s accomplished and already done but end all words all objects inanimate nailed and hung in the eyes of anyone without game or shameful need write the last poem, Me then nothing more I’ll simply leave […]

In my words, April 8 – 14

… On Friday, as I walked down 2nd Avenue in the rain coming back from the gym—after some laps in the pool (my crawl is getting better, less pain in the muscles in my left arm each time I move), holding on to a rusty […]

At the Duchamp Exhibit

… I visited Philly over the weekend (a foggy Friday with tolling bells and a sunny brisk Saturday) and had wonderful walks through the Old City and out the parkway to the art museum where I recited (on the steps) a poem I wrote there […]