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Michael Lally reads from Another Way to Play, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, May 9, 2018

… Michael Lally had and has the knack to make the matter of fact profound, which might be easy enough to read, but isn’t as easy as it sounds; seeing the essence of a thing is a gift Michael had to hone over the years, […]

Michael Lally reads from ANOTHER WAY TO PLAY, Poems 1960 – 2017

… I’ve been working on a project recording poets reading poems or getting poets to send me videos of themselves reading poems that are in Readings In Contemporary Poetry, DIA Art Foundation, a recent anthology edited and beautifully put together by Vincent Katz, a book […]

Michael Lally reads Sports Heroes, Cops and Lace

… On a late day in June I took a train to Maplewood, New Jersey, a lovely little town where Michael Lally lives not too far from the tracks, a simple walk to his home. I wanted to record him reading Sports Heroes, Cops and […]

Michael Lally reads Love Never Dies

… … LOVE NEVER DIES Lots of shit dies Love doesn’t Parts of me are Already dead But love isn’t… My appendix Dead and buried My prostrate and A disc from my back Dead and gone too And parts of my brain Cut out with […]

Michael Lally reads Swing Theory

… … … … Swing Theory: 5 … When I first read about string theory I thought What about swing theory? The ways the uni- verse is secretly governed by the same laws that sparked The Big Band Swing Era, park swings and taking a […]

In my words, June 3 – 9

… … I’ve been going through papers and found a piece I wrote on June 11, 2001 called The Last Day of School. I was teaching at a public school then in a federally funded program helping inner city parents who’d been high school dropouts […]