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Rain: NYC, December 9, 2014

… It’s raining, it’s pouring. Mayor de Blasio must be happy it isn’t as cold as yesterday because then there would be one heck of a blizzard with everyone complaining it wasn’t being plowed fast enough. On the M9 coming home, the windows were so […]

In my words, February 4 – 10

My friend Tony came home from work, unlocked his door and saw his cat sitting by the refrigerator, not paying any attention to him as it usually did meeowing its greeting when he came in, but like an Egyptian statue, the silent cat looked straight […]

Where the Heart Is

I’m on a grand jury, state of New York, special narcotics, ten in the morning to one in the afternoon every weekday for a month. It takes thirty-five minutes to get there by bus, forty-five minutes if I walk through the Lower East Side, Little […]

Singing Secrets: Interview with Bill Kushner: Poetry

… The following Saturday, March 20th, was sunny and wonderful. I spent the morning priming my study, hurrying to Janovic Plaza to order some paint, and got over to the Chelsea Square to talk with Bill who arrived looking very dapper in a floppy cap. […]

Singing Secrets: Interview with Bill Kushner: History

… … I met Bill at the Chelsea Square Restaurant on March 13, 2010 at 3:30 in the afternoon. The day was a stormy downpour. The wind howled down the street first taking one umbrella from me and then the other that I’d bought at […]