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In my words, July 29 – August 4

… If you were going to teach English to someone who didn’t speak it, what would be the first thing you’d teach? There is a game I sometimes play with beginners, a kind of bingo with a die and some beans for markers. Call it […]

Yangtze Sonnets

… I wrote first drafts of these poems in early August of 2006 over a few days going through the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River with some colleagues, fellow American faculty, who’d taught American Cultural Studies (I’d covered music) at Wuhan University that July. […]

Five Sonnets

… I focused on these sonnets, part of Sonnets 1 – 60, this late winter and spring prior to a reading I was going to do in Philly and managed to change most of the things that bothered me about them. It’s nice to have […]

Sonnet 1

… I started to write sonnets in April of 2003. That March, George Bush with the approval of Congress and a whole lot of American people invaded Iraq. I was very opposed to this at the time and still am. I think my urge to […]

Sonnets 1 – 30

… 1 Looking at the springs, sitting in the sun something at my nape begins to tickle like the wind’s moving a hair there, fickle on my bare neck between the scalp and trunk. I’m reading the poet Bill Kushner—Ah! His April Poems are wonderful […]

A Walk in the South Mountain, Early Spring

… … … News in the world seems pretty bad these days, but spring is coming here to the South Mountain. Not really any blossoms yet, but there are some hard buds on the tips of the branches. No dandelions to dig out and eat, […]