Monthly Archives: July 2021

At the Duchamp Exhibit

  What I’m usually doing is deciding what to do now and what to do next. I have a list of tasks. This week, among a lot of stuff, I’ve been working on old poems and it’s boiled down to words, to what sounds best. […]

Digigram by Barbara Henning

  Barbara Henning’s new book of poems, Digigram, chronicles a dreary year, the abominable 2016, yet it is full of insights by an aware observer who takes the time to look. These poems are so good, they make the ordinary day to day extraordinary. In […]

From Notebooks Kept, 1973 – 1974

  Festina lente.Hurry slowly. Canta y no llores.Sing and don’t cry.     on leaving   The weary earth, the weary sky each weary creature will stop what they do to watch me return, kiss you, embrace holding your face, heart like a bowl ready […]

Cheryl J. Fish reads from The Sauna Is Full of Maids

  As I read The Sauna Is Full of Maids by Cheryl Fish, I was constantly reminded of friendship. There are countries I’ve visited that became my friend, Mexico and China come quickly to my mind; those two countries and I shared days as only […]