22 Sep

  “One of the marvels of the world is the sight of a soul in prison holding the keys in its hand.” Rumi The poet […]

20 Sep

  I began reading Jaime Manrique’s Tarzan My Body Christopher Columbus over the summer, but because of some eye trouble, my watery itching eyes made […]

8 Sep

During the pandemic, the poet Daisy Fried was living in Philadelphia with her husband who was dying of a debilitating disease. Without much help from […]

3 Sep

After a very long period of writer’s block in 1973, I wrote a series of poems that I called the prologue. I was twenty-four. When […]

16 Aug

  English is an old ocean whose waves have been crashing for centuries against our ears, and I can feel the breadth and breath and […]

15 Aug

I hadn’t looked at the drawings of Arup Datta for a while so I was pleased to see that this charming artist from Kolkata has […]

9 Aug

  Sujay Sarkar is a student activist in Bangladesh. He is an organizer of the Bangladesh Students Union. He also edits a magazine called “Ishqul.” […]

7 Aug

  Some paths leading to the craft of poetry are certainly paved with serendipity. Take for example, Linda Kleinbub, who, in a round about way, […]

27 Jul

  A friend of mine, the Philadelphia poet Joel Colten, on a trip across the USA, stopped to take photographs of Mount Saint Helens, and […]

24 Jul

  Poets, some famous and some not so famous, have been included in NYC From The Inside: NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who […]

22 Jul

On May 23, 2022, I read at KGB for the Monday Poetry Series curated by John Deming, Jada Gordon and Jason Schneiderman. I was reading […]

19 Jul

A few months ago, via email, Scott Hightower sent me his poem, “The Young Man Holding an Empty Glass,” accompanied by a nineteenth century painting […]