28 Mar

Since the beginning of March, the first thing Akram does when he wakes up is to reach for his sketchbook and pens and with the […]

13 Mar

When Robert Johnson recorded “Walking Blues” in 1936, he was working from a version Son House, not the Devil, had taught him. And the great […]

13 Mar

I have been enjoying the work of Neddi Heller for many years. There is always something there. Her painting, “Bird of Paradise, Bird of Destruction,” […]

12 Mar

On Valentine’s Day, I handed out my haiku postcard to my High Beginner ESL class at LaGuardia Community College. I had been teaching the class […]

7 Mar

At KGB in NYC not too long ago, I enjoyed hearing Dipika Mukherjee read from her newest book, Dialect of Distant Harbors, and wanted to […]

2 Mar

  I’ve been wanting to have Susan Bee on the blog. Her upcoming show at A.I.R. Gallery was perfect timing. On Tuesday, I visited her […]

26 Feb

  When I was eighteen, I saw a film of Matisse sketching his grandson. He did sketch after sketch, each time simpler. The portrait never […]

24 Feb

… When Alicia Ostriker sent me a poem called “All That Year,” I asked if I could record her reading it, and she said, “Yes.” […]

19 Feb

  The poet and professor, Jamey Jones, asked me last summer if I would submit some poetry for publication in the magazine, Hurricane Review. It […]

18 Feb

… The year 2022 contained a lot of strife, illness and death, not only in the world around, but in my own life as well. […]

3 Feb

What follows is a lesson plan introducing High Beginner ESL students to the Present Tense, the simple present and the present progressive. The activities are […]

30 Jan

When I began to read William Considine’s new book, Continent of Fire, I was immediately drawn to a poem early on called “Library and Book […]