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Every Morning I Feed My Cat

What follows is a lesson plan introducing High Beginner ESL students to the Present Tense, the simple present and the present progressive. The activities are for both group and individual work. And the answers are given for the exercises. There is a printable PDF.    […]

Two Lesson Plans with Picture Prompts for Writing

… One of the tasks for an English teacher is to get students writing. I have found that putting students into groups to work on one paragraph together prepares them for writing on their own. Here are two lesson plans that have been very successful […]

The Rabbit and the Turtle: The First Four Lessons

… The first four lessons of the Rabbit and the Turtle get students creating language, writing sentences with that language, discovering parts of speech from their sentences, and then writing a story with the vocabulary the whole class has generated. These lessons are great for […]

Who Is Standing Where?

…… To the teacher: This is a very good activity for a new class on the first day, an Icebreaker. In groups of seven, students will get to know each other as they talk and select roles. Who will be standing where? It is a […]

Writing in the Present, Past, and Future: The Dog and Its Bone: Intermediate ESL

… Objective: In groups of three, students will write a story. First, by looking at three sequential pictures, they will name the nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs that they see. Then, they will write the words they’ve discovered on separate lists. Focusing on the verbs, […]

Thinking about the Future on the Day the Clocks Fall Back, November 3, 2019

… In English we deal with the future by using nine helping verbs called the modals: will, shall, can, could, would, should, may, might and must. Only will will ever happen; all the others are possibilities, the wouldas, couldas, and shouldas of the world. Every […]

ESL Lesson: Parts of Speech

… Objective: This lesson is for beginner ESL students to understand how English works. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are discussed by the teacher with enough information for the learners to recognize them in the sentences. The main objective is to give students the […]

ESL Lesson: Reading a Short Story: Daydream

… Daydream by Roberta Allen Introduction: This activity is for students with high beginner to low intermediate skills; they are beginning to know enough English to work with others reading, speaking and writing it. Communication has begun. The first activities in this reading lesson are […]

An ESL Lesson: Writing a Story Using Picture Prompts and Correction Marks

… To the teacher: I took the idea for this lesson from an ESL workbook that I used many years ago. Nothing remains of the book, but for this picture, which I now use as a prompt to get students to write a story together. […]

American Music: Lesson One: Pick A Bale Of Cotton. What is Rhythm? Template for Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

… … Lesson One: Pick A Bale Of Cotton … To the teacher: Lesson One uses five handouts. If they are going to be printed and handed out in class, print them back to back to save on paper. If the students look at this […]

Walking and Thinking about the Present in English

… Walking through Tompkins Square, I see red roses in the brisk air. I’ve been thinking about the present tense in English because that is what I will talk about with my students this morning, and here I am in the present looking at a […]

Learning English: Simple Sentence Syntax

… If you were going to teach English to someone who was just beginning to learn it, what would you teach? There is a game I sometimes play with beginners, a kind of bingo with a die and some beans for markers. Call it Syntax. […]