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Smell Bad Tofu

… I am going to include an entry from a journal I kept in Wuhan in 2006 about eating Smell Bad Tofu for the first time. This entry was one of the first on my blog when I began it in 2010 though it only […]

Until the Rain

… On Sunday, around four, I decided to take a walk for a stretch and a breath. When I got to the street, I noticed the traffic light blinking Don’t Walk to Walk. I took out my camera and got a shot of that. Then […]

Home Movies: Roll with the Punches (Christmas at Rockefeller Center)

… December 4th on our first anniversary, Akram and I went to see Harry Potter at the Ziegfield, but got there late. I could’ve sworn it said 3:15 on the Internet. Instead of getting upset, we took a walk to see the Christmas tree at […]

Crossing the Yangtze

… It rained constantly the first two weeks I was in Wuhan. Luckily for me, the university goes up the side of a mountain and the flooding happened below. Many people were very unlucky however: property was destroyed and lives were lost. For a while […]


… This trip to Wuhan I managed to eat some very good meals when in the company of my colleague, the indefatigable searcher for the real thing, Luke Amoroso. Luke knows where all the good food is. We had some excellent street food in Beijing […]

The Great Wall & Summer Palace on the Way to Wuhan: 7/9/10

… I worked with some great teachers this summer at Wuhan University. We taught American Cultural Studies, getting to Wuhan on Saturday, July 10, setting up our homerooms Sunday, and starting to teach two classes a day on Monday. Talk about hitting the ground running! […]

The Forbidden City: July 8, 2010

… July 8th was the first day I was in Beijing with all my teachers colleagues getting to know everybody. They would turn out to be a great faculty, good intelligent spirits, experienced travelers with no drama. Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City were our […]

My Homeroom

… Homerooms are like your children. You always love the ones you get. This year at Wuhan University was no different. My students have a wide range of majors: mathematics, electrical, hydrogen, and power engineering, biology, chemistry, surveying and mapping, sociology, statistics, electric and optical […]