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The Storm: Creation of a Poem

… In Wuhan, China, summer of 2008, one stormy evening after my poetry workshop, Richard, a young scientist majoring in Physics, offered to walk me back to the hotel sharing his umbrella in the pouring rain as we made it up the steps built into […]


… This trip to Wuhan I managed to eat some very good meals when in the company of my colleague, the indefatigable searcher for the real thing, Luke Amoroso. Luke knows where all the good food is. We had some excellent street food in Beijing […]

The Great Wall & Summer Palace on the Way to Wuhan: 7/9/10

… I worked with some great teachers this summer at Wuhan University. We taught American Cultural Studies, getting to Wuhan on Saturday, July 10, setting up our homerooms Sunday, and starting to teach two classes a day on Monday. Talk about hitting the ground running! […]

After the Rain: 7/20/10

… Today it started to rain and thunder and then it stopped. After class, puddles were everywhere as I walked to my favorite restaurant. It was closed. For good. The man keeping guard in the gutted space spoke Chinese of course so what he told […]