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Forget: Beautiful thoughts simply expressed

… Beautiful thoughts aren’t always pretty and neither are beautiful words. At the poetry workshop this summer at Wuhan I’d show two short poems by Alice Notley that were simple to understand. Here is one of them. After Tsang Chih I was brought up in […]

The Great Wall & Summer Palace on the Way to Wuhan: 7/9/10

… I worked with some great teachers this summer at Wuhan University. We taught American Cultural Studies, getting to Wuhan on Saturday, July 10, setting up our homerooms Sunday, and starting to teach two classes a day on Monday. Talk about hitting the ground running! […]

My Brother by Yu

… A class of mine did great speeches. The speech I liked the best was given by a young man named Yu who is so nervous that when he speaks his right hand is clenched in a fist and his left hand has all five […]

Hai Zi translated by Liu

… Liu is an English major who helped us American faculty out at the hotel on the campus at Wuhan University by making life easier with quick thoughtful attention. And he was kind enough to do a translation of the poet Hai Zi for me […]

My Homeroom

… Homerooms are like your children. You always love the ones you get. This year at Wuhan University was no different. My students have a wide range of majors: mathematics, electrical, hydrogen, and power engineering, biology, chemistry, surveying and mapping, sociology, statistics, electric and optical […]

Dusk by Ruiqi Liu

  When I first met Rich, the summer of 2008, I thought she was very shy, but I also knew she was confident enough to give me a poem she had written for a class assignment. Like most of my poets, she’s a scientist, pharmaceutical […]

A Scene by Iris Shieh

… Iris was in my poetry workshop summer of 2010. She introduced me to the poet Bian Zhilin, one of China’s favorites. Zhilin was a university professor who was greatly influenced by the English Romantics and the French Symbolists. He liked to use strange words, […]