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Basil King’s Illuminations


Basil King did all of his Illuminations the summer of 2021. He and his wife Martha had moved into a little apartment on the third floor of their daughter’s house in Jersey City while their home was being renovated in Brooklyn. He set up a drawing table in a corner of the room where he and Martha slept. Basil writes: “The table didn’t have to be moved and I drew, and I drew just about every day. I had nothing else on my mind, but Rimbaud’s books and a few visits to the house on 4th street to go over plans with the contractor.

The Illuminations were drawn in 37 days. Basil had a portable record player and one of the records he played as he painted and drew was Faure’s Requiem. When he asked me to put together a video with the Illuminations and Fauré’s Requiem, I was happy to do it. The video follows. Enjoy.


And you can check out more of Basil King’s work here:


There are thirty-seven Illumination. Twelve follow.















Basil King reads from History Now


A Visit to Basil King’s Studio

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