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Five Sonnets in the Dark and in the Light

  The poet and professor, Jamey Jones, asked me last summer if I would submit some poetry for publication in the magazine, Hurricane Review. It is always a task to decide on something, but finally I did, and Jamey kindly chose a few.  There is […]

Milkweed Sonnets

Among my sonnets are eight that are about milkweed; I include them below for you to read whenever you have the time. Hope you enjoy.   86 As I put my nose in milkweed blossoms their resemblance to lilacs remindingme now of the cold early […]

Sonnet 233: Mother and the Black Snake

… My mother pulled the black snake from the bush. Long snake gone from fleeing to being held twined around her arm and opened its mouth but mother only laughed and let it twist. Her friends who had come to party at her barbecue wanted […]

Sonnet 226

… On a sad day of losses big and small someone left a flowerpot in the hall that wasn’t money or plenty of time but if I wanted it the thing was mine alive for sure because hint of a leaf sharply and green was […]

Sonnet 193: rocks and friends

… Like all of human kind the rocks along The narrow beach are all somewhat alike Yet each entirely different. We Pick them up, Honey and I, searching for The ones we want, the ones that touch us. They Are like us perhaps or is […]


… I’d rather watch fireflies than fireworks pressing against the dark. “They’re vicious beasts,” Dad says: “All they do is have sex and eat their prey by the light they make. There’s the first one now!” I look watching it glowing go out quickly back […]


… The last two swallows swoop down over all going toward the barn flying from sight. In ripples of wind out of the west light dies in many clouds and in darkness falls on the pond. Shadows in leaves, the trees grew black in flat […]


… Love comes when least expected and love comes like the rain blowing naked over us making us all wet. Love never makes a fuss. As I grow old, love stays forever young returning like the sun or moon, the truth that I’ve looked for […]


… To know the truth we need to talk and read. Two at least must do it, talker talker writer reader revealing things that we already know so absolutely sure of our own selves because somebody else was there to tell us. Juan Ramón Jiménez […]


… She completely sparkles, the girl talking to her father in a conversation that must be a little funny because she starts to laugh as well as talk, talking of her final destination perhaps leaving this very morning on a trip from Lancaster on the […]


… The butterflies have been here through it all my sadness and my happiness as well. No matter what is going on or how I feel at the very center of my poor self is a wanting to be filled by something beautiful. A simple […]


… “You are the flower and I am the grass,” the young man says to the young woman. “I am the flower and you are the grass,” the young woman says to the young man. “You are a bird and I am a fish.” “I’m […]