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Drawings 2022 by Arup Datta

I hadn’t looked at the drawings of Arup Datta for a while so I was pleased to see that this charming artist from Kolkata has been busy. Here are seventeen of his drawings from the beginning of the year until now. Enjoy.   the lake […]

Recent Drawings by Akram

After a long spell of not drawing, Akram has begun to draw again. He is very busy, but draws in the breaks and moments that he can. Being able to take the time anywhere seems to be working for him. Here are drawings from the […]

Neddi Heller at NARS Art Foundation

  My friend, the artist Neddi Heller, has two shows going on now in Brooklyn. It’s always a pleasure to see her work so I would advise anyone, especially if you happen to be in the neighborhood, to check them out. The following etchings are […]

Drawings by Akash

  I became friends with the Bangladeshi artist, Akash, on Facebook a while ago. I’m not sure when or why, but since then, I’ve enjoyed looking at his work and watching his progress. He is a student practicing his craft constantly, an optimist for these […]

Ridgewood in the House: poems by Ama Birch

  Ama Birch got funding to talk to people in Ridgewood, Queens, hear their stories, and then make poems out of what she heard. Ridgewood is where Ama lives, and she knows it like the back of her hand.  This current work is reminiscent of […]

Tim Milk’s Woodcuts

  About a half year ago, I began to notice that Tim Milk was posting some of his work on Facebook, woodcuts that he was doing, profiles, mythic people, beasts, trees and flowers. I was really drawn to them and asked Tim if I could […]

El Perro

  One of my favorite paintings, El Perro (The Dog) as it is called—I think you could call it The Abyss—was never given a title by Goya who painted it on the wall of his home between 1819 and 1823 along with other paintings called […]

Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks in “Hey Women”

On Saturday, October 9, toward evening, in La Plaza Cultural, near the southwest corner of 9th Street and Avenue C, Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks performed a dance piece called “Hey Women” that used the ensemble in solos, duets, trios as well […]

Bina Sharif’s Rage on the Page

  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed watching Bina Sharif work on stage. Her work is thoughtful, and often pulls comedy out of tragedy; she can be very funny like a stand up comic.  On August 1st, Bina posted this on her Facebook page: “This morning […]

Arup Datta, Rickshaws and Bicycles

  Arup Datta during the month of August did a lot of drawings of bicycles, but he began the month with rickshaws. So I’ll start there. Enjoy.           “There are still some hand-pulled rickshaws in central Kolkata streets and lanes! Heavy […]

Some Recent and Not So Recent Art by Dan Freeman

  I just got to look at some art that I hadn’t seen before by Dan Freeman  and am quite taken by it. I thought that I would share some here.   Yellow and Purple Flowers; Apple pencil June 2021   HUH, WTF 1994-2020   […]

Summer Drawings by Arup Datta, Mostly in July

  Arup Datta lives in Kolkata. He is always drawing so at the end of the day he has something to show for it, or even mid-day. or, heck, sometimes in the morning, there he is drawing something charming.             […]