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The Skulls of Ken Angel Davis

“When I think of Skulls….I do not think of someone who is dead,but rather I think of someone who was alive.The Skull representing not death but life.Stacks of skulls, stacks of lives.The grinning Skull smiles at us all.Live now while you can…“Live and let live,” […]

from Big Blue Box of Poems: Taylor Mead with Ken Angel

… About a month ago Ken Angel handed me a big blue box of poems; this box, it turns out, holds many poets whose work Kenny illuminates and they then sign. … … So, starting off, I open the box and who do I see […]

Tom Savage reads from 135 Poems, collaborations with Bill Kushner

… The poet Bill Kushner always carried a notebook to write in when the spirit moved him, which was often and anywhere. Bill was a real collaborator too. Collaborating helped the writing process along. For the last two years of his life, Bill and Tom […]