The Skulls of Ken Angel Davis

“When I think of Skulls….
I do not think of someone who is dead,
but rather I think of someone who was alive.
The Skull representing not death but life.
Stacks of skulls, stacks of lives.
The grinning Skull smiles at us all.
Live now while you can…
“Live and let live,” as Joel Grey says at the end of Cabaret.
As to paint…sometimes you just want to see that aubergine
against that chartreuse and any excuse to put it there is justified.
While I am painting them I am only thinking of color…
much like a Joseph Albers square, I think of them as color studies.
The found shopping bag giving a starting color or background.
Layering one layer of color on top of another
at some point they feel finished and I stop.
Can it be that simple?….”

……….Ken Angel Davis




















If you want a Skull from Ken Angel Davis, you can find him here:


Ken Angel Davis

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  1. Bonny Finberg

    Love! Happy Halloween.

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