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At the Duchamp Exhibit

  What I’m usually doing is deciding what to do now and what to do next. I have a list of tasks. This week, among a lot of stuff, I’ve been working on old poems and it’s boiled down to words, to what sounds best. […]

Poet Laundromat

… Poet Laundromat was filmed and directed by Tom Miller who saw me do a performance of my poem Fucking at Inroads, a venue for performance art in Soho in the early 80s. He’d just bought some video equipment and wanted to film me doing […]

from Poet Laundromat: An Invocation to the Thunder

… Shake butter from the cream Get hard and freeze to crack a wall though you happen very slow until you do like earthquakes come and then it’s Now Crack white light slivers from a cloud Spread mold upon the bread and dead moss upon […]

Fucking II, part II: Poet Laundromat: I see a Tiajuana donkey leans

… Poet Laundromat was published with the help of Stephen Spera & Philadelphia Eye & Ear Press in 1983. It comes from a long poem I was working on called Fucking, but it took its own form from the larger poem and became itself. … […]