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from Poet Laundromat: An Invocation to the Thunder

… Shake butter from the cream Get hard and freeze to crack a wall though you happen very slow until you do like earthquakes come and then it’s Now Crack white light slivers from a cloud Spread mold upon the bread and dead moss upon […]

In my words, October 14 – 20

… I’ve been putting some chapbooks together, Sonnets 1 – 60. Working on the books myself and printing them out is helpful for the final editing whenever that may be. Just thinking of the poems in the hands of others helps me to see them […]

In my words, August 12 – 18

… Today, Sunday the 18th, looks overcast. Some large truck is hissing; the M9 bus goes by quieter disappearing as it heads toward Avenue C. I’m going to the gym in a minute and will work on this blog when I return, two things you […]

Fucking II, part II: Poet Laundromat: I see a Tiajuana donkey leans

… Poet Laundromat was published with the help of Stephen Spera & Philadelphia Eye & Ear Press in 1983. It comes from a long poem I was working on called Fucking, but it took its own form from the larger poem and became itself. … […]