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… To know the truth we need to talk and read. Two at least must do it, talker talker writer reader revealing things that we already know so absolutely sure of our own selves because somebody else was there to tell us. Juan Ramón Jiménez […]

Making Mom’s Sauerkraut

… … … My Mother’s Sauerkraut Recipe: … All you need to make sauerkraut is a cabbage, some sea salt, a canning jar and boiling water. … First slice the cabbage into thin slices.
 … Stuff the cabbage into a canning jar as tightly as […]


… On a sad day of losses big and small someone left a flowerpot in the hall that wasn’t money or plenty of time but if I wanted it the thing was mine alive for sure because hint of a leaf sharply and green was […]


… 25 My cat and I play chasing each other. He jumps while I write and then stretches out full length in back of the warm computer to claw my hand when it comes in sight. Ouch! Ow! I say but Cachito doesn’t care about […]


… The butterflies of spring are small and dark not colorful and bright like butterflies of summer hovering from flower to flower in beauty’s camouflage. Two butterflies on the asphalt road laid with silver stone though small stand out. Because they’re dark I see wings […]

Design by Robert Frost

… … I found a dimpled spider, fat and white, On a white heal-all, holding up a moth Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth— Assorted characters of death and blight Mixed ready to begin the morning right, Like the ingredients of a witches’ […]


… The one-headed doe drinking becomes two heads reflected in the pond. Now the third one jumps and dashes, splashes with its hooves this youngest one especially happy enjoying itself. More than anything I love when unexpected creatures come unaware till they though not I […]

In my words, October 21 – 27

… Walking to class through Tompkins Square, I see red roses in the brisk air. I’ve been thinking about the present because that is what we will be talking about in class and here it is, a blooming rose. Although we call four tenses “present” […]

Sonnet for Rosa Parks

… Out of the ordinary there will come from time to time the good and very brave extraordinary, someone who can save us from our own damned selves and make us one humanity. Children take Rosa Parks for an example, a common seamstress who sat […]

In my words, August 12 – 18

… Today, Sunday the 18th, looks overcast. Some large truck is hissing; the M9 bus goes by quieter disappearing as it heads toward Avenue C. I’m going to the gym in a minute and will work on this blog when I return, two things you […]

La Beauté par Charles Baudelaire

… Je suis belle, ô mortels! comme un rêve de pierre, Et mon sein, où chacun s’est meurtri tour à tour, Est fait pour inspirer au poète un amour Eternel et muet ainsi que la matière. Je trône dans l’azur comme un sphinx incompris; J’unis […]

In my words, April 1 – 7

…. On April Fool’s Day, a friend, Dustin Kelly, who has become a berry farmer and producer of jellies, announced on Facebook: “Hey everybody, great news! It was kind of a back up plan, but I got an acceptance letter for a summer internship with […]