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Dipika Mukherjee reads from Dialect of Distant Harbors

At KGB in NYC not too long ago, I enjoyed hearing Dipika Mukherjee read from her newest book, Dialect of Distant Harbors, and wanted to get her on the blog. She had just flown in from Chicago and was flying back the next day. It […]

William Considine reads from Continent of Fire

When I began to read William Considine’s new book, Continent of Fire, I was immediately drawn to a poem early on called “Library and Book Sale.” It made me want to read more. It is about falling in love with books, discovering that all you […]

Amy Barone reads from Defying Extinction

Travel, a trip somewhere new, or a return to a land you love, always restores body and soul. Poetry, like travel, can do that too. In fact, I was recently inspired reading Defying Extinction, a new book of poems by Amy Barone, while I was […]

Alicia Ostriker reads from The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog

Alicia Ostriker’s The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog begins with a quote by Gertrude Stein: A very important thing is not to make up your mind that you are any one thing. The Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog reminds me of […]

Jerome Sala reads from How Much?

  The first poem in How Much? questions the value of poetry. Why does that Urinal signed by Marcel Duchamp continue to go up in price while the poems of Frank O’Hara do not? while the other arts add valueto their objects, conspiringwith the world […]

Pathetic Literature at Karma Books, a reading with Eileen Myles, 11/30/22

I attended the reading for the anthology, Pathetic Literature, that had been organized by its editor, Eileen Myles at Karma Books on East Third Street near Avenue A. The place was packed. Besides Eileen, Jerome Sala, Sparrow, and Morgan Bassichis were scheduled to read, and […]

Jeff Wright reads from his Top Ten

Last month, I saw Jeff Wright read at the Tompkins Square Library and really enjoyed the poems. He read from several of his books, and also a poem he had recently written. I asked him if I could come over to his place and record […]

A Reading at the Jefferson Market Library

  Last Saturday, when I attended a poetry reading at the Jefferson Market Library, I recorded the whole thing. My friend, the teacher and poet, Scott Hightower, had curated it and did the introductions as well. The poets, Skye Jackson, author of A Faster Grave, […]

Anthony Cappo reads from When You’re Deep In A Thing

  I asked Anthony Cappo if I could record him reading from his new book, When You’re Deep In A Thing. Anthony is a born storyteller whose stories crystalize into poems that are personal and universal because they draw you in wanting to know what […]

Estha Weiner reads from This Insubstantial Pageant

Estha Weiner and I were supposed to read together last summer in Brooklyn, but unfortunately I had to be out of the city. Last week, I was happy to hear Estha read at KGB from her new book, This Insubstantial Pageant. Like the title and […]

Elliot, Cole & Gordon at Unnameable

  Lunar Chandelier Press put together a reading at Unnameable Books in early November. I brought my camcorder intent on recording the whole thing, which I did, and as you can see below. I’m afraid I was a little late in getting set up when […]

john compton reads from the castration of a minor god

  Facebook is its own MFA program. When I wanted to be a poet back in the late 1960s, artists and writers gravitated to hip cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, to name just a few, but now with the Internet, poets […]