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Le Pont Mirabeau read by Guillaume Apollinaire and translated by Ron Padgett

  The best translation by far that I have come across of Guillaume Apollinaire’s poetry is by Ron Padgett in a book published by the New York Review of Books in 2015 simply titled, Zone, Selected Poems. When Ron Padgett renders Le Pont Mirabeau into […]

Dennis Cooper reads from I Wished

  I first met Dennis Cooper in the late 1970s when he visited Philadelphia. He had heard the poetry scene in Philly was hopping and had come to check it out. He read at the Painted Bride if I remember. Afterward I took him for […]

Wanda Phipps reads from Mind Honey

  Wanda Phipps with Virlana Tkacz translated a timely play by the Ukrainian poet, Lesia Ukrainka, called  Forest Song. Over the summer, a version of the play using other sources as well, A Thousand Suns, was performed by the Yara Arts Group for three nights […]

Lonely Christopher reads from Death & Disaster Series

  Death & Disaster Series was written by Lonely Christopher during his early twenties when his mother was dying and shortly after she died, writing poems instead of committing suicide. I too had a hard time surviving my twenties so I can relate. I knew […]

Jenna Cardinale reads from A California

  I read with Jenna Cardinale at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn recently. Not only was it great being at a live reading again, but I also enjoyed Jenna’s poetry and asked her then and there if she would read for the blog. So we […]

Digigram by Barbara Henning

  Barbara Henning’s new book of poems, Digigram, chronicles a dreary year, the abominable 2016, yet it is full of insights by an aware observer who takes the time to look. These poems are so good, they make the ordinary day to day extraordinary. In […]

Cheryl J. Fish reads from The Sauna Is Full of Maids

  As I read The Sauna Is Full of Maids by Cheryl Fish, I was constantly reminded of friendship. There are countries I’ve visited that became my friend, Mexico and China come quickly to my mind; those two countries and I shared days as only […]

Cliff Fyman reads from Taxi Night

  In the city that never sleeps, Cliff Fyman drove a cab all night creating poetry from what he heard his passengers say. I’ve enjoyed hearing these poems over the years. Happily they are finally a book called Taxi Night. I went over to Cliff’s […]

Joanna Fuhrman reads from To A New Era

  On the Vimeo below, Joanna Fuhrman reads poems from her new book, To A New Era, published by Hanging Loose Press. I edited her twenty-four minute reading from the hour long Zoom book launch that took place on Saturday, April 17. The poems are […]

Diane Seuss reads from frank : sonnets

  A month ago, I attended a KGB Monday Night Poetry Reading on Zoom whose featured readers were from Michigan and California. Diane Seuss, the poet from Michigan, I had never heard before and was surprised and taken by her poems; I could hear and […]

Bonny Finberg reads from Déjà Vu

  I am a big fan of chapbooks because they are heartfelt and often come straight from the author. Bonny Finberg’s Déja Vu is that kind of hands-on book with words and collages by the poet herself, a work of art. In the Vimeo below, […]

Greg Masters reads from It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This

  A year ago, I heard Greg Masters read new work at the Parkside Lounge. The poems he read then are now published in It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Like This. The art work on the cover by Ava Fedorov makes one want to pick […]