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Three poems with Art Attached: Hightower, Kolm & Yorty

A few months ago, via email, Scott Hightower sent me his poem, “The Young Man Holding an Empty Glass,” accompanied by a nineteenth century painting and his translation in Spanish. Last week in the mail—or was it two weeks ago?—Ron Kolm sent me his poem, […]

Scott Hightower reads from Self-evident

… Scott Hightower’s Self-evident, published in 2012 by Barrow Street Press, is a book of fifty poems in three sections: Infant Gods, Brújula (Rose of Exile, and Self-evident, which are often departures from a point in time through the medium of a painting, or a […]

Scott Hightower reads from Part of the Bargain

… I went over to Scott’s penthouse on 23rd Street a few weeks ago to record him reading some poems from a book of his that I like, Part of the Bargain. I thought for a minute to record on the terrace, but it was […]