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Richard Loranger reads from Mammal

I agree with the poet Yuko Otomo when she writes that the poems in Richard Loranger’s new book, Mammal, are “written in direct & humble language & with the most personal & natural breath.” Nothing truer has ever been said. … Continue reading

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Lonely Christopher reads at the Bureau of General Services—Queer Division

I’m in awe of many poets, and with that being said, I have to say I’m especially in awe of Lonely Christopher. “How does he have the time to do everything he does?” Writer, curator, critic, publisher, editor and director, … Continue reading

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Lonely Christopher reads from Death & Disaster Series

  Death & Disaster Series was written by Lonely Christopher during his early twenties when his mother was dying and shortly after she died, writing poems instead of committing suicide. I too had a hard time surviving my twenties so … Continue reading

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Lonely Christopher reads from The Resignation

… Lonely Christopher has had a robust publication history, but The Resignation, his fourth full-length book, has been a long time in coming. He was working on it since 2007, but various health related tribulations, including alcoholism and major depression, … Continue reading