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Noah David Roberts reads from Final Girl Mythos

When I was becoming an adolescent, as I felt my body change and get hairier it wasn’t odd to think that I could be a werewolf or a vampire. Saturdays I stayed up late to watch the classic horror movie double features on Philadelphia’s Channel […]

Basil King reads from There Are No Ghosts, There Are Portraits.

I love reading Basil King’s poetic histories because they connect time and place and people in unexpected ways that I find delightful. In Basil’s new collection, There Are No Ghosts, There Are Portraits, the first piece, “Soutine, Modigliani, Chagall,” makes perfect sense because it begins […]

Talbot Road by Thom Gunn, 1981, a chapbook by Helikon Press

  In 1981, Helikon Press under the direction of its publisher, William Leo Coakley, published Talbot Road, a poem by Thom Gunn. Recently, Mr. Coakley gave me a copy of this chapbook that is signed by the poet himself. I’ve scanned its pages from cover […]

Jaime Manrique reads from Tarzan My Body Christopher Columbus

  I began reading Jaime Manrique’s Tarzan My Body Christopher Columbus over the summer, but because of some eye trouble, my watery itching eyes made it difficult to read. I persevered, however, because the poems valen la pena. As the title suggests, Tarzan My Body […]

John McCullough reads from Panic Response

  English is an old ocean whose waves have been crashing for centuries against our ears, and I can feel the breadth and breath and depth of it when I read  Panic Response, a book I liked enough to read again. A poem’s meant to […]

Before and After, The Metamorphosis of a Poet: Linda Kleinbub reads from Cover Charge

  Some paths leading to the craft of poetry are certainly paved with serendipity. Take for example, Linda Kleinbub, who, in a round about way, came to poetry by going on a reality TV show called Ten Years Younger. Married with two children, Linda went […]

Alicia Ostriker reads from the volcano sequence

  A friend of mine, the Philadelphia poet Joel Colten, on a trip across the USA, stopped to take photographs of Mount Saint Helens, and died when that volcano erupted in 1980. At Joel’s funeral—his body wouldn’t be found for over a year after his […]

NYC From The Inside: NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here

  Poets, some famous and some not so famous, have been included in NYC From The Inside: NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here. This equanimity makes it a very satisfying eventful anthology. I would like to thank George Wallace and Francine […]

Philip Good reads from Subatomic Moss

  Subatomic Moss is a chapbook of two collaboration poems by Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good recently published by Vehicle Editions. “Collaborations are a crapshoot,” Bernadette says, “but this one worked.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m kind of in love with Subatomic Moss. Bernadette and […]

Maged Zaher reads from The shadow that doesn’t leave the shirt

Although Maged Zaher was in Cairo and I was in New York, when he read via Zoom from his new book, The shadow that doesn’t leave the shirt, I felt that I could reach out and touch him. He is direct, philosophical and intimate, and […]

Annabel Lee reads Oracular Transcendentalism

Times flies and is truly transcendent. Several months ago, in a colder time, I went over to Jersey City where Annabel Lee currently lives in a beautiful apartment that is yet too small to contain all she does and is. There I recorded her reading […]

Daniel W.K. Lee reads from Anatomy of Want

I missed Daniel W.K. Lee’s reading at the Bureau when he was in town. I emailed him and asked if he would read some poems from his new book, Anatomy of Want, so I could share them on my blog. He did right away. Like […]