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Haunted Burchfield

Anyone who knows me knows I love the American artist, Charles Burchfield, and one thing I love about him is that even in the sunlight, he will put some gloom, and in that little bit of gloom, there is always light. 

Charles Burchfield is not loved by everyone; he is too dark for some, too brown, too gray, and I have heard friends say, “He gives me the creeps.” But I for one am all for giving folks the creeps.

Burchfield’s canvases are metamorphic, they breathe, they form. Landscapes that are so alive, they pull you in, out of your comfort zone, like Alice through the looking glass. Folks who scare easily, need to be scared more often. It’s good to look away from the mirror in a familiar room and go outside. There’s confusion before understanding, not knowing before you do know; you have to be lost before you are sure where you are.

Below are fifteen creepy paintings by Charles Burchfield. Happy Halloween. Enjoy.




Train Under a Bridge, 1933


Abandoned Farmhouse, 1932.


The Black Barn, 1930



Haunted Evening, 1919


Twilight Phantom,1957


Mist Phantoms at Dawn,1960



The Mysterious Bird, 1917.


Swamp Apparitions, 1962



House of Mystery, 1925


Night Landscape, 1917-18.


Forest Fire at Night, 1920


Forest Fire at Night, 1920


Haunted Twilight, 1954-62


Night Scene, 1919



Nighthawks at Twilight,1917-49

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  1. Thanks for this post, Don. Love Burchfield.

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