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from Big Blue Box of Poems: Taylor Mead with Ken Angel

About a month ago Ken Angel handed me a big blue box of poems; this box, it turns out, holds many poets whose work Kenny illuminates and they then sign.

So, starting off, I open the box and who do I see behind a veil? Penny Arcade. Her poem is stapled so I may open and photograph that later; scanning it might wrinkle it. I am not one to unstaple something once the staples are in.

Below Penny we have Taylor Mead. Taylor being Taylor is without staples and, as always, ready to go: a Valentine poem with a photo in Paris in 1966, a poem that borders on the cannibalistic. But before you say, “Oh my goodness!” remember every day was Valentine’s Day when you were with Taylor who, carnivore or no, was one of the most lovable guys around.

Below, with Bill Rice, another lovable guy, is Taylor in Coffee and Cigarettes, the last scene from that film by Jim Jarmusch. It’s called Champagne. If you haven’t seen it before, enjoy Bill Rice and Taylor Mead, two lovable adorable men; every day I know somebody (sometimes it’s me) misses them.

from Wikipedia (with some necessary edits): In Champagne, Bill Rice and Taylor Mead spend their coffee break having a nostalgic conversation, while Janet Baker singing “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen” from Mahler’s Rückert-Lieder appears from nowhere. Bill Rice repeats Jack White’s line, “Nikola Tesla perceived the earth as a conductor of acoustical resonance.” It is possible to interpret the relevance of this line to the constant recurrent themes throughout the seemingly unconnected segments.

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